Friday, January 22, 2016

My Blogging Tips

My Blogging Tips

Everyone loves blogging because writing something about your experience and feelings is a great way to support your will. Here are some useful tips for blogging….

1.       Write away fresh and useful content for readers so that they can easily engage with your blog.

2.       Keep your posts long enough to keep high retention on your pages.

3.       Do post links about other sources from where users can get more information about the topic of your blog.

4.       Do go for write anything but write something in trend so that it can get more traffic to your blog.

5.       Do not over excite about anything in your post just be simple and let users do the thinking.

6.       Provide some extra information if you are getting information from another source on the web. Try to add your views about particular things and ask users to review your posts.

7.       I try to build backlinks with my post but not at the cost of low quality content. If you are writing some quality content then you can interlink your other web resources.

Please add more tips for me and my users as I am still new in the field and learning the act of blogging.

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