Monday, April 11, 2016

Dual Whatsapp in Single Phone(101% Working)

Mobile phone has become a basic need of everyone's life. No one can imagine his/her life without a cell phone in these days.But by saying that it doesn't mean that we can't live without mobile phones. It is a necessary part of our life but not the most important one. Lets not get derailed from the topic. Everyone occupies a phone and in these days each person is surely carrying two or more sim cards. Now when it comes to use some important apps in your phone like whatsapp, facebook or any other chatting or any type of app then it is almost impossible to run your both numbers in a single phone. But this is not the case now as there has been an app found on Google Play Store that can let you run any app in your phone twice in a same time period. So you can use two whatsapp accounts at a single time in your phone. Isn't it great news. Now you don't have to buy another phone to sort your business and personal life differently. You can manage all in one phone with this special app. Recently the study has shown that people have bought two or more phones just because they want to keep themselves sorted for chatting apps in terms of being private and professional life. This app has brought the features like playing any app that has been installed in your phone in a different account. You can easily manage your various parts of life. The app name is "PARALLEL" and you can easily find it from play store. For full Details how to use this app


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  2. its very nice and useful information

  3. Is it really working or this is just like other websites a time consuming post?

    1. It is working 100%. Tested in android 4.0. Try in yours.


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