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Thrust bearings common types available

Thrust bearing

It is the type of rotary rolling element bearing which is just like other bearings that permit that rotation between parts and are designed to support a predominately axial load. They come in several varieties thrust ball bearings, cylindrical thrust roller bearings, tapered roller thrust bearing, and spherical roller thrust bearing, fluid bearings, and magnetic bearings.
Thrust ball bearings: It comprises of ball bearing supported in a ring which can be used in low thrust applications which requires less of axial load.
Cylindrical thrust roller bearings, they are small cylindrical rollers arranged flat with their axis pointing to the axis of the bearing. They provide a good carrying capacity but they wear down due to the differences in the radial speed and friction which is much higher than with the ball bearings.
Tapered roller thrust bearings: They include small tapered rollers in which their axis which converge at a point on the axis of the bearing. The length of the roller and the diameter of the wide and narrow ends and the angle of rollers are to be carefully calculated so that they could provide the correct tapered so that each end of the roller could rolls smoothly on the bearing face without slipping. They are commonly used in automotive applications in which they are paired to accommodate axial thrust in either direction as well as the radial loads. They are more expensive to manufacture.
 Spherical roller thrust bearings: they are of spherical shape and you could find them inside a house washer with a raceway with spherical in shape. They accommodate a combined radial and axial load and can also accommodate the misalignment of the shaft. They are mostly used with radial spherical roller bearings. They have the highest load rating density among all other thrust bearings.
Fluid bearings: In this the axial thrust is supported on a thin layer of pressurized liquid.
Magnetic bearings: In this the axial thrust is supported on a magnetic field. These are used at a very high speed or when very low drag is needed.
Applications: Thrust bearings are most commonly used in automotive, marine and aerospace equipment. They can also be found used in the main and tail rotor blade grips of radio control helicopters. These are also used in cars as the forward gears in today’s car gearboxes which use helical gears that provides smoothness and reduces the noise. They are also used with radio antenna masts for reducing the load on the antenna rotator. Also, another thrust bearing called the clutch release bearing found in an automobile clutch.


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