Thursday, February 25, 2016

“Vaginal Seeding” for new born babies

It is warned to new mothers against vaginal seeding which may cause risks. Babies born with C section are colonized by skin microbes for natural goodness or good bacteria to the baby. This trend of practice is done by taking a swab from the mother’s vagina to rub it on infant’s face and skin after birth for health benefits and reduce the risks of allergies, diseases or obesity. But as published in The British Medical Journal showcase that it is not sure that vaginal seeding is beneficial to prevent disease instead can lead to develop infections in new baby. The vaginal seeding also named as micro birthing is come into existence to bring back good bacteria to the baby. Unfortunately, with this technique there may be transfer of harmful bacteria to the baby on the swap. So it is considered to be risky way for newborn ones. Right now it is not good instead doing harm. This commenced in Australia now growing in the UK as mothers wants their babies to be covered with fluid after C-section birth via a swab. It is recommended to consider breast feeding to transfer good bacteria to your baby and do not take unnecessary antibiotics.


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