Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Books vs. internet for learning

Books vs. internet for learning

Choosing between computers or reading a book is based on your decision you are comfortable with and satisfied. Books are the great informative source that you can carry anywhere. Books are available at reasonable rates. On the other hand, computers or laptops with internet connection could give you versatile information on a topic where you can access anything with ease as well as it is so interesting to learn via internet and download your things of learning or interest than books which are boring sometimes but a computer set is costly to buy and have cons of eye sight problems and obesity. You can effectively concentrate by reading from the books and give your full attention. Via books you could learn more effectively and take it anywhere and read any time. Although computers can give you a lot of information quickly however one should also aware of the viruses which could crash your computer. Also sometimes searches are not relevant to your keyword phrases which lead to waste of time, confusion and frustration. PC gives you vast information whereas every textbook is just a book. Further, textbooks do not contain videos and have no sounds which the internet does. Students can exchange data or their ideas with students from all over the world using various social networking facilities like Skype. There are quizzes on internet for checkout your performance levels.  Other pros of internet, with the use of these machines, you can gather history, statistics and general information about a certain thing easily with greater depth than textbooks.


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