Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Excessive rubbish or garbage production by throw-away society

Garbage is the waste produced from industries, homes and businesses. The volume of rubbish is growing day by day and leading to more and more toxicity which eventually badly impact health of the people and the environment. People are producing numerous amount of trash. The volume of solid waste is growing because of use of most foods packaged with plastic which last for longer. These solid wastes produce toxicity as the waste products contain toxic chemicals which eventually impact public health and degrade environment.

Alone Government cannot help to deal with it. Society should also take responsibility. Buying new things means more throwing away of old ones. The more is the consumption, the more waste production. Recycle things to save energy and raw materials usage. Everyone must concern about future and problems that can be faced by human beings because of us. Work together, to achieve a healthy environmental goal and keep unity in it. 

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  1. There should be proper solutions available for garbage disposing. This will ensure more healthy environment.


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