Monday, March 7, 2016

Teenage years

Teenage years

Stay happy is the eventual goal of everyone’s life. Happiness is the most considered aspect of aspect that really means for productive living for which economic as well as social life matters. Some says it is adult part of our life that is happier than teen ages on the other hand, teenagers think their life is much happier. Teen ages are the ages of fun, dreams and achievements since there are not many responsibilities. They enjoy enthusiasm of living, their vision and enjoy full. Their lives are not much complex as they live better than adults. They are supported financially and emotionally by their parents to concentrate on studies and hang out with friends for physically as well as mental growth. But it is not necessarily that every teen enjoy his/her life, some struggle a lot during this period for money, livelihood and suffer a lot. Their lives are full of complexities and lead a stressful life. So it is the work pressure, responsibilities, physical conditions, life complexities and bad reality of life for livelihood decide which part of your life is happiest or not in fact your day. Well said it was the old time which was so good people were healthier and happier than today.


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