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Magic ball: brain will remain secret of nature

The brain is one of the most complex creatures and strange nature on earth and is little exploited. Sherington rightly physiologist who discovered many laws of the functioning of the brain, called it “magic ball” and considered that the brain will remain secret of nature, of which the latter will be revealed to humanity.
The brain has always attracted the attention not only of psychologists today, but also to scholars since ancient times, because his activity psychological and physical affects and runs almost the majority of behaviors. Composed of millions of neurons, the brain (especially the human being) is the most complex of all living creatures. Figuratively it is more complex than any modern computer today, then a biological supercomputer. As an illustration, fine again, but it specifies that the entire global telephone network, in comparison with the brain volume, is only a grain of bean. The brain is the most important and most complex of the nervous system. It particularly plays a very important role for the development of human mental life; regulates the functioning of organs; harmonises the body in general; enabled the connection of the body with the objective reality (through the transmission of nerve impulses) and represents the physiological basis for all psychic life, therefore, it is the bearer of all mental processes.
The main parts of the brain are three: big brain, the brain medium and small brain, whereas the most important and most developed his cerebral cortex or better known as the cortex. In the developing nervous system, the cerebral cortex developed recently and it shows results higher evolution. Its surface is approximately 2m2 and contains about 14 miliard cell elements. The newborn brain is four times lighter than that of the adult man. Until six brain reaches approximately 90% by weight and its final proportions. Thus, between the ages of 9 and 10 years old, the child’s brain reaches this proportion almost identical to that of the adult brain. Also, it is scientifically proven that the brain weight and age is not directly related to the development of intelligence. The brain weighs about 1.5 kg.
As stated above, the intelligence does depend neither on the weight nor the brain age. Can the man in very young or very old, to achieve phenomenal results. Eg Gauguin began to art after age 30. Mikeloangjelo, magnificent works created 80 years old. Even major works Picasso created in the 90 years of life.
Also, bigger brains split in two half parts: the left and the right, so that each side of the brain controls the opposite side of the body: Well, if damaged the left side of the brain, suffers paralysis of the right side of the body and vice versa. Newer research by Professor Roberta Ornshtajn gives more light on the activities of these two parts of the brain. The left part of the brain directs the scientific activities: mathematics, logic, analysis etc., while the right leads artistic activities, colors, music, rhythm, imagination, etc. According Ornshtajn’s, people who are learning to use one side of the brain, are difficult to use the rest. It is interesting that when one side of the brain is damaged, then the whole force passes to the other side.
Research on people, who are usually considered great artists or scientists and supposedly used the two parts of the brain, yielding the following results: Picasso, one of the most famous painters of our time, shows that in the mathematical and geometric described what he wanted to work, presenting in detail the specific relationships which claimed to create the color, shape and line. Perhaps the best illustration of the joint force of the two parts of the brain would be Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most creative heads of all time, which was, mathematician, linguist, artist, anatomist, architect etc. Supposedly Leonardo drew with one hand while the other recorded simultaneously.
As seen above, the capacity of the brain is limitless. How is infinite as is undiscovered and mystery or with other words, the brain is the only organ that examines itself. It is considered that the brain is one of the most complex creatures and strange nature on earth and that is little exploited. According to prof. Tony Bizen, brains have to function only 1%, while Karl Shishare gives the opinion that only 10% of the brain is used, while the rest (90%) is a giant of seven months. While according to the latest findings, it is assumed that we use only 4% of the total number of nerve cells.
How much is the possibility of receiving information reckless can understand just by way of visual comparison. To count this size information, a person must be 30 million years of uninterrupted work, day and night, speed, information for a second; or if we imagine that each school of thought or any information is the size of a grain of wheat, then this move reckless wheat could be placed in a repository, which would have a height of 3 meters, width 5 meters and length 4500 km. In the crust of the brain is thought there are about 15 billion cells, which are to put in an uninterrupted line, they would form a length of about 100,000 km. How they function in the brain cells, billions of connections between them, probably until the end, will never be discovered.
The senses, not only human, but also of many other organisms, are not able metaphysical, but biochemical processes. Eg free memory (memory serves) animal organisms will not make much difference. They do not know they have a friend out of an enemy out; You will not be able to perform the choice of food; they would not recognize his partner. Practically they will behave in a very instinctive. According many experiments with animals, which have been issued bigger brains, shown to animals have shown very uncoordinated behavior. Eg snake without big brains, can move very well, but does not know its enemies. The dog without the great brains, does not recognize its owner, not discerning food does not know or fear. Frogs and fish, without big brains have almost normal behavior. But the child without great brains, in a case lived three years and nine months, even though she did not know his mother nor could learn something. As humans, during experiments, we have the following results: Disorder small brain function is as a result of pronounced instability while with open eyes, fluctuate too, is unstable, and blindly fall. Disorders or secondary brain harassment, loss of feeling caused mechanical, thermal, acoustic, and optical or caused excessive sensitivity (hiperstezia). Major brain disorder, i.e. the crust of the brain, can cause complete loss of memory or memorizing or cause its enormous growth.
Causes of brain development cannot be only the desires and activities of living beings. Condition, almost leading to brain development, it is natural environment, in which man behaves. Man and environment are factors of which depends on the development of faster or slower brain. We should note that intelligence is inherited from ancestors in very small size, so it is achieved and developed by lifelong activity. So, with the right to Sherington physiologist who discovered many laws of the functioning of the brain, called it “magic ball” and considered that the brain will remain secret of nature, of which the latter will be revealed to humanity.
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