Sunday, February 28, 2016

Best interactive way of communication online internationally

Best interactive way of communication online internationally

International communication has become trend of the modern world. The global challenges have improved the way of thinking and business to meet the futuristic demands of the growing countries.  Global community has brought a huge amount of advantages. To start with, internet has made it so easy to reach millions of people around the world to share a lot of information at no time of wastage. This made it easy to improve your knowledge and cooperate with people for business purposes or to improve communication skills. People can get to know about each other using this virtual life through social media sites such as Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Youtube and so on. Moreover, an online person can interact with people from different parts of the world to communicate easily and make friends regardless of race, class and gender. They can share their ideas, cultural experiences and so on.

Internet has become an important source of useful information that brings people together. Students can find it easy to communicate with other students for sharing education material. Also today classes can be taught via online using webcams which is the great factor of teaching student. It truly benefits students to work during the day and learn from internet about study subjects at night which is so convenient for them. Business firms use this form of communication for conducting online meetings and conferences who share research interests with their various branches worldwide. They use professional social networking with personal profile of each member contains contact information and pother certain material for collaborative works. So technological methods help one to keep in touch with others who live abroad in other cities without any need of travelling which is so convenient way.

On negative side, this virtual life may be used to disclose information meant to be private. Also there are people especially teenagers become addicted to use internet for entertainment purpose than going outside for outdoor games. Misinterpretations could happen during exchanging ideas or thoughts online. This may lead to misunderstanding among people or friends. There is no face to face communication hence decreased personal interactions.


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