Sunday, February 28, 2016

Child Obesity

What is childhood obesity?

Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that affects children and adolescents. It occurs when a child is well above the normal weight for his or her age and height. A child is classed as obese of they are carrying too much weight for their height and sex. Children can become overweight if they eat or drink  more calories than their body uses or if they do too little physical activity. Overweight children are more likely to develop health problems in later life. 

Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled, and today, nearly one in three children in America is overweight or obese. Childhood obesity is a heath issue that effects children and teenagers. Every person have a body shape that is just right for him or her changes but sometimes we can store excessive body fat.  

What are the reasons of chilhood obesity?

Children turn out to be overweight for an assortment of reasons. The most frequent causes are inherited factors, lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating patterns, or an amalgamation of these factors. Only in exceptional cases is being oeverweight caused by a medical condition such as a hormonal dilemma.
·         Poor eating habits
·         Overeating or binging
·         Lack of exercise
·         Family history
·         Medical illnesses 
·         Medications
·         Stressful life or evenst
·         Family  & Peer problems
·         Low self esteem
·         Depression or other emotional problems

The negative effects of obesity on your health and your life:

·         High cholesterol
·         High blood pressure
·         Early heart disesases
·         Diabetes and acne
·         Bone problems
·         Skin problems like heat rash & fungal infections

What is the accurate solution?

The best solution to the current childhood obese epidemic is to better educate parents about proper and healthier eating habits as parents directly influence their children. Parents must change their dietry habits before they expect theur children to do the same. This increse in knowledge will stop the epidemic at the source and lead to healthier lifestyles including exercise.
It is the parents/schools/governments responsibility to give children healthy food/control what they eat/ensure that they have a healthy diet/limit junk food advertising. Restrict the time they spend playing computer games/encourage them to take regular exercise.


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