Saturday, February 27, 2016

Criminology: People commit crime

Criminology: People commit crime

Each year millions of cases happened about committing crimes. Crimes committed for different motives whether it is for survival or other reasons like to make much money as far as possible with ease. The decision lies in the person’s mind that what he thinks and makes a decision.  The reasons are complex as most people tend to it because of their circumstances or others to defend him/herself.

 The feelings of jealously, anger, greed, revenge or pride can cause a person to commit a wrong-doing.  Some criminals are strong influenced with drug and alcohol addiction which urge them to commit crime to fulfill their needs. Such attackers do violent crime like sexual assault, murder, rapes and murders.

To minimize criminality, the society must be aware of rules and punishments so that offenders learn their lesson to never commit wrong again. So there is a possibility of less crime. Also more opportunities of employment can help less crime especially for youngsters. It is vital to now the underlying factor of biological, social or psychological and takes actions accordingly to tackle crime by developing ways to control crime under action.


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