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What is brainstorming?

Brainstorming is an interactive group process to develop, without criticism or judgement, IDEAS from all participants about a specific topic, focus, goal, problem, etc. In other words, brainstorming is not a decision-making process that comes after the brainstorming is finished and participant ideas and inputs are exhausted.

The usual view of brainstorming  is where a group of people sit in a room and yell out ideas as they occur to them. They are told to lose their inhibitions and that no idea will be umpired so that people are free to yell out any idea at all without feeling uncomfortable. People should build on the ideas called out by other participants.

Why is brainstorming important?

·         It encourages mutual thinking and engages team members.
·         It allows individuals to meet and cooperatively share thoughts.
·         It broadens personage and team perspectives, allowing for new and unexpected ideas
·         It anticipates unexpected questions and unforeseen “bumbs in the road”.
·         It identifies patential opportunities and encourages resourceful journeying.

Important Tips for a Brainstorming Session

·         Timing is important
·         Get people into a relaxed state of mind
·         The brainstorming session should have a clear structure
·         Have a cheerleader to encourage and exhort the group, and to stay alert to any ‘wallflowers’ in order to make sure they participate fully
·         The scribe notes down all suggestions made
·         At the outset, you should set a strict time limit and stick to it. The whole meeting can be completed in around 25 minutes.

Benefits of Brainstorming

·         Creativity
·         Large Number of Ideas
·         Sense of Ownership in Descisons
·         Input to other Tools 

Brainstorming Ground Rules

·         Active participation by everyone
·         No discussion
·         Build on others ideas
·         Display ideas as presented
·         Set a time limit


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