Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Thing to know and believe

Many people need to achieve their wishes. However most of the time we tend to, and that we beg to understand why. A number of world perceive that our thoughts and feelings management our beliefs, and as a result bring to world our circumstances, whether or not sensible or ugly. We tend to perceive that, any thought we tend to produce in our mind daily, quickly becomes a belief, then it's drawn into our daily lives. those that concern and worry concerning malady and illness, square measure sometimes identical those that get sick, right? This is often easy for world to know.

Same does happen throughout the world. What people wishes for is the main reason what is the believing in. If a person’s religion is according to his/her wishes then he/she would definitely believe in it but in other case people tend to change their religions for better satisfaction of their wishes. So the best thing to know in this post is that our nature defines our religion not our religion defines our nature. I am totally against terrorism and I believe that not every Muslim should be treated as terrorist. Terrorism is the religion of those who don’t have any religion. They are the sick minded people who think they can go in heaven by killing the people of God, Allah or Bhagwan. Don’t forget God is one and that is the thing one and all should know and believe.

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  1. Rightly said. God is one and He loves us. It is us who don't love His people then how can we love Him.


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