Friday, July 29, 2016

Rachel Henson and The Angry Thunderstorm

Rachel Henson, the 17-year old niece of Carol Keesee who wrote The Angry Thunderstorm, took some time out of her summer vacation to help us get to know her better.

#1. When did you know   that you wanted to become an artist?

It was only in the past two or three years   actually.  I started drawing in the eighth grade and it just sort of   spiraled on from there.

#2. What was your inspiration for the drawings in the Angry Thunderstorm?

My little sister Sarah.  She's deathly afraid   of thunder and lightning, so I wanted to draw a character who could look mean but still be cute and fluffy at the same time.

#3. Were you frightened of thunderstorms when you were younger?

I think I was, but only because of tornadoes. Storms frightened me because I associated them with tornadoes.  If it was just   rain and thunder I would have probably been outside playing in it, worrying   my Grandma to death.  Any mention of a tornado and I was laying on the   bathroom floor with every blanket in the house reading books to my dollies.

#4. What is your   favorite medium to express yourself?

It really depends on what I'm drawing, but I always   start with pencil & pen outlines then I make copies so I can experiment   with other mediums without messing up the original drawing.  Pastels are   fun.  I hate charcoal with a fiery passion, but only because I have no   patience.  I like pretty much everything.

#5. What advice would   you give to others who may want to become an artist?

Just go for it, even if you don't think you're good   enough.  Rome wasn't built in a day and artistic skill doesn't just   happen overnight.  It takes practice and passion and accepting that   sometimes you're going to mess up.  You have to keep at it if it's what   you want.  At the risk of sounding like a Disney movie, you have to follow your dreams because even if you aren’t that good in the   beginning (like me).  If you keep practicing and wait awhile you can   churn out some masterpieces that will blow all previous attempts out of the   water.

#6. What do you like   to do when you're not drawing?

Playing X-Box or Nintendo is depending on my mood or hanging out with friends, discussing serious things and completely random things.

#7. What subject(s) do you like best in school?

I like Chemistry and English (and art of course)   the most.  I would like math, but it's basically memorization and I   don't do that well.  Plus, I'm one of those obnoxious kids who wants to   know why the rules exist instead of just accepting that A x A + B x B =   C x C just because some dead guy (no offense Pythagoras) said so.

#8. What was one of your favorite books as a child and why?

Dr. Seuss is still my all time favorite just because I love the pictures and the stories are so cute, quirky, and they rhyme!  What more can a child ask for?


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