Friday, August 5, 2016

What is a Grinding Machine?

Grinding Machine

At the end of a manufacturing process, grinders are deployed to create a smooth finished, high quality, sometimes polished surface. Grinders work by abrasion and generally finish off products and parts to ensure they have uniform finish and accuracy.

Grinding is the name given to smoothing metal as compared to sanding which is the same process for wood. The spinning abrasive wheel of the grinder will smooth by taking off tiny excess amounts of metal to create the smooth surface.

Types of Grinder

Belt Grinder: For deburring the edges of machined metal products.

Surface Grinding:  requires manual manipulation of the work piece to move it backwards and forwards across the grinding wheel, these surface grinders are fairly simple and can include a water source to take heat and particles away from the worked surface.

Cylindrical Grinding:  requires multiple grinding wheels to work in unison across a rotating workpiece.

CNC Grinding Machines:  These grinding machines are linked to a computer program used by a trained operator.

Dish Cup Grinder:  for grinding in crevices and slots.

The Grinding Wheel

This is the working surface of the grinder, where the grinding takes place, normally made of aluminum or steel or also bonded resin ( this matrix of particles bonded together to form a circular shape, slips onto the wheel and can be replaced as they become worn.)The grinding wheel is available in many different sizes and grades of abrasives and hardness depending on the material being grinded. For very hard materials, grinding wheels can be coated with what are known as super abrasives which can be natural or synthetic diamonds or ceramic aluminum oxide.

Choosing the right type of grinding wheel depends on several factors:

Abrasive material suitable for the hardness of the material being worked on

Grain Size of the abrasive grains on the wheel

Wheel Grade (determines how tightly the bond holds the abrasive)

Grain Spacing – important for both the finish and depth of cut

Wheel Bond type

Grinding Dressers

These tools can be used to grind shapes onto a surface or to balance the grinder to its original shape.


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